Most People Just Call Me 'Doody'

 Shooting a long tracking shot for " Bikeman " with the Canon C100 and a VW Golf

Shooting a long tracking shot for "Bikeman" with the Canon C100 and a VW Golf

But grade school wasn't as rough as you would probably expect.

I love creating visual content. I have a strong sense of what looks good and what looks bad, and I've spent the last 3 years studying and practicing how to make my images as striking and as professional as possible.

I feel most comfortable camera operating on set, but I love being able to contribute to the overall quality of the image any way that I can, whether that be as a Grip, 1st or 2nd AC, PA, or anything else a project needs.

My goal is to work as a Director of Photography for narrative films, commercials, music videos, or any other form of video content that allows me to create meaningful images. 




Here's a tutorial I made that describes the difference between hard and soft light:


Not all of my projects make it onto my reel. If you would like to see some of my older (and pretty rough) projects: