Most People Just Call Me 'Doody'

But grade school wasn't as rough as you would probably expect.


I’m a Los Angeles based, freelance producer and editor of short form digital media, with a passion for all things cinematography.

I grew up in Central Pennsylvania, and discovered my love for filmmaking at age 12 after receiving a Flip Video Camera for Christmas. I began shooting awkward montages with my friends and editing them with Windows Movie Maker.

In college I began taking filmmaking as a serious career choice, becoming the president of Syracuse University’s short film production club, working on the sets of four feature films, and countless student short films.

In the Fall of 2018, I drove to California for my final semester with the Syracuse University Los Angeles Program. I interned with Studio71 and The Hollywood Reporter during the week, took classes at night, and spent my weekends on the sets of AFI cycle films.

 Upon graduation, I quickly returned to LA for good, where I take every opportunity I can to collaborate with other passionate filmmakers.



Not all of my projects make it onto my reel. If you would like to see some of my older (and pretty rough) projects: